og fall


The OG of mini waffles. Soft, sweet with a subtle touch of vanilla.

cust fall

Vanilla custard (filled)

The mini waffle that put us on the map! A mini waffle filled with house made vanilla custard cream. Get ready to have your mind blown.

rasp fall


An original mini glazed in glaze made with BC raspberries!

dark choco hazel

Dark chocolate hazelnut

A chocolate dough mini waffles glazed in Belgian dark chocolate and topped with caramelized hazelnut bits. 



Winter is here! This mini waffle is filled with almond cream and dipped in coconut. (Photo coming soon)


Persian Love

Women, life, freedom. What is happening in Iran is very close to our hearts since one of Nero's founders, Eilnaz, is Iranian herself. Eilnaz' parents fled the country in the early 80's from the dictatorial regime. We stand with the women of Iran and show our support by dedicating persian flavours to one of our mini waffles. This mini waffle is dipped in a cardamom glaze and topped with crushed pistachio and rose buds. (Photo coming soon)

apple cinnamon

Apple cinnamon

This mini waffle is pretty cool and I cannot believe this is the first time we feature it in our mini waffle line up. We bake an apple ring into a mini waffle and then toss it in cinnamon sugar. A perfect pairing with tea or coffee. Take it home, heat it up and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream! (Photo coming soon)